November 3, 2016

LGBTQ Characters and Their Representation On Television: The GLAAD Report 2016/2017

Bethonie Butler of the Washington Post discusses GLAAD's annual report, Where We Are On TV, '16-'17, on the number of LBGTQ characters on TV, which notes that those numbers are increasing. GLAAD says that 43 of the 895 recurrring TV characters are identifiably LBGTQ. For example, as many as 16 on MSM, cable, and streaming shows are transgender. Representation of diabled characters is up from less than one percent to nearly two percent.

About twenty percent of TV recurring characters are black, although female black characters continue to be less highly represented than black men.

The report contains more interesting information, and breakdowns by legacy tv, cable, and streaming networks.

The 2015 report is available here.

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