November 2, 2016

Kundera and Law: A Panel at the Law and Literature Conference, Masaryk University, May 31th-June 2, 2017

The upcoming 2017 Law and Literature Conference at Masaryk University (Brno) will include a session on Kundera and Law. The convenor is Dr. Rafał Mańko (University of Amsterdam). Here's a brief description of the panel content.
The topic of Kundera’s engagement with the Law in all its possible facets has not been yet addressed, at least in the English-language literature of the subject. This Stream aims at making a first step, hopefully in the right direction, aimed at filling this gap. The venue of the conference – Brno – is a perfect location for this, being the native town of the great Czech writer. We invite contributions analysing any of Kundera’s novels (or all of them, for that matter) from the point of view of his engagement with the topic of ‘Law’, most broadly understood. Papers could fit into one of the four suggested strains, dealing with positive law, Law in the psychoanalytical sense, law of the genre and, finally, philosophy of law understood as creatively applying Kundera’s general philosophical reflections to the legal domain.

This conference looks just wonderful.  Stay tuned.

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