November 16, 2016

DeGryuter's Law and Literature Series So Far

A complete list of volumes available in DeGryuter's Law &  Literature Series.

Peter Schneck, Rhetoric and Evidence; Legal Conflict and Literary Representation in U.S. American Culture (2011) (Law and Literature; 1).

Bioethics and Biolaw Through Literature (Daniela Carpi, ed., 2011). (Law and Literature; 2).

Helle Porsdam and Thomas Elholm, Dialogues on Justice: European Perspectives on Law and Humanities (2012) (Law and Literature; 3).

Visualizing Law and Authority: Essays on Legal Aesthetics (Leif Dahlberg, ed., 2012 (Law and Literature; 4).

Law and Justice in Literature, Film and Theater: Nordic Perspectives (Karen-Margrethe Simonsen, ed., 2013). (Law and Literature; 5).

Liminal Discourses: Subliminal Tensions in Law and Literature (Daniela Carpi and Jeanne Gaakeer, eds., 2013). (Law and Literature; 6).

 Franziska Quabeck, Just and Unjust Wars in Shakespeare (2013). (Law and Literature; 7).

Greta Olson, Criminals as Animals from Shakespeare to Lombroso (2013). (Law and Literature; 8). 

Literature and Human Rights: The Law, the Language and the Limitations of Human Rights Discourse (Ian Ward, ed., 2015) (Law and Literature; 9).

Law and Ethics in Greek and Roman Declamation (Eugenio Amato, Francesco Citti, and Bart Huelsenbeck, eds.; 2015)(Law and Literature; 10).

Performing the Renaissance Body: Essays on Drama, Law, and Representation (John Drakakis and Sidia Fiorato, eds.; 2016) (Law and Literature; 11).

Diaspora, Law and Literature (Klaus Stierstorger and Daniela Carpi, eds.; 2016) (Law and Literature; 12).

Fables of the Law: Fairy Tales in a Legal Context (Daniela Carpi and Marett Leiboff, eds.; 2016) (Law and Literature; 13).

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