November 3, 2016

Fables of the Law: Fairy Tales in a Legal Context. A New Volume Edited By Daniela Carpi and Marett Leiboff Available From DeGryuter

New from DeGryuter:

Fables of the Law: Fairy Tales in a Legal Context (Daniela Carpi and Marett Leiboff, 2016) (Law & Literature; 13).

This very interesting volume includes essays by Luis Gomez Romero, The Wondrous (Baroque) Gender Revolution, or the Rise and Fall of the Empire of Fairies, Cristina Costantini, The Haunting Memory of Law: Mystic Fables, Uncanny Presences and Normative Spectrality, Doris Pichler, Playing with Conventions and Traditions: The Modern Legal Fairy Tale, Anna Enrichtta Soccio, Divorce and the Failure of Law in Dickens's "Hard Times,"  Daniela Carpi, Fables of the Holocaust: Hansel and Gretel, and Giovanna Ligugnana, An Invented Executive: The Ministry of Magic in "Harry Potter." 

So many fascinating pieces: I've mentioned only a few.  Complete table of contents here.

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