May 31, 2011

Visualizing Law

Congratulations to Professor Richard K. Sherwin, whose newest publication, Visualizing Law in the Age of the Digital Baroque: Arabesques and Entanglements (Routledge), forms part of the basis of what promises to be a spectacular international conference, Visualizing Law In the Digital Age, at Cardozo Law School, October 19, 2011, and is co-sponsored by Cardozo and New York Law School. In addition to Professor Sherwin, other speakers include Professor Amy Adler (NYU Law School), Professor Christian Biet (Universite de Paris X), Professor Christian Delange (Universite de Paris VII), Professor James Elkins (School of Art Institute, University of Chicago), Professor Peter Goodrich (Cardozo Law School), Professor Desmond Manderson (McGill University), Professor W. J. T. Mitchell (University of Chicago), Professor Francis "Jay" Mootz (University of Nevada Las Vegas Law School), Professor Renata Salecl (London School of Economics, Visiting Professor, Cardozo Law School), Professor Austin Sarat (Amherst College), and Professor Alison  Young (University of Melbourne). More here and and here (a guest post from Professor Sherwin at the Hannah Arendt blog). NB: the webaddress given in the Routledge ad ( either is not correct or does not seem to be working right now and I could not find another address for the symposium).

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