May 4, 2011

The Ancient Greeks' Ideas of Injustice and Guilt

Carlos Arturo Gómez Pavajeau, Universidad Externado de Colombia, has published Injusto Y Culpabilidad En Los Grandes Filósofos Griegos (Unfair and Guilt in the Great Greek Philosophers), number 91 in Derecho Penal y Criminologia (2010). Here is the abstract.

The period after the obscurantism of the Middle Ages was called, quite rightly, as the Renaissance. This expression refers, no doubt thinking of the great Greek philosophers, however, with regard to criminal law, very little has worked his connections with such thinking, it seems that there only influenced the illustration, with proposals from scratch and no reference to the past. With this contribution I want to prove that this is not entirely true, since, mutatis mutandi keeping some differences, the most important achievements of modern criminal law were explicitly or implicitly contained in the thinking of the great Greek philosophers.
Note that the full text is in Spanish.

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