May 24, 2011

Egalitarianism In History and Contemporary Thought

Joel I. Colon-Rios, Victoria University of Wellington, and Martin Hevia, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella School of Law, have published From Redistribution to Recognition in El derecho a la egualidad: a portes para un constitucionalismo iqualitario (Roberto Gargarella y Marcela Alegre eds.; Lexis/Nexis, forthcoming).

This paper examines the 'second wave' of egalitarianism, which moved away from the traditional focus on economic injustices and redistribution claims, to an emphasis in cultural injustices and the politics of recognition. The first part of the paper introduces the 'first wave' of egalitarian thought, through a brief examination of the work of John Rawls and of the scholarship on luck egalitarianism. The second part, resting on the work of Charles Taylor, explores the historical roots of the politics of recognition. The third part focuses in the debate between Iris Marion Young and Nancy Fraser, which exemplifies the promises and limits of the second wave of egalitarian thought.
Download the abstract from SSRN at the link. NB: Text is in Spanish.

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