December 19, 2016

I See In Your Future...Some Research Into Fortune Telling and the Law @hulu @shuteyeonhulu

Explore the legal issues raised on the new Hulu series Shut Eye by dipping into some of the essays and articles listed below:

In Law and Magic: A Collection of Essays (C. A. Corcos, ed., Carolina Academic Press, 2010), try out

Julie D. Cromer, It's In the Cards: The Law of Tarot (and Other Fortumes Told)
Craig Freeman and Stephen Banning, Rogues, Vagabonds, and Lunatics: How the Right to Listen Cleared the Future For Fortune Tellers
Pamela Edwards, Non-Mainstream Religions and the Law

Christine A. Corcos, Prosecutors and Psychics on the Air: Does a "Psychic Detective Effect" Exist? in Law and Justice on the Small Screen (Jessica Silbey and Peter Robson eds., Hart Publishing, 2012).

Christine A. Corcos, Seeing It Coming Since 1945: State Bans and Regulations of "Crafty Sciences" Speech and Activity, 37 T. Jefferson L. Rev. 39 (2014/15).

Christine A. Corcos, The Scrying Game: The First Amendment, State Regulation of the Crafty Sciences, and the Rise of Spiritualism, 1848-1944, forthcoming in v. 38 of Whittier L. Rev. (2017).

Nicole Brown Jones, Did Fortune Tellers See This Coming? Spiritual Counseling, Professional Speech, and the First Amendment, 83 Miss. L.J. 639 (2014).


the Atlantic piece All in the Cards here.

See also Michael Wilson, A Manhattan Fortuneteller Cost Him Fortune After Fortune, New York Times, June 5, 2015.

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