December 2, 2016

Holtermann @JakovoHoHo on Getting Real or Staying Postive: Legal Realism(s), Legal Positivsm, and the Prospects of Naturalism in Jurisprudence

Jakob v. H. Holtermann, Univesrity of Copenhagen, iCourts, Centre of Excellence for International Courts, has published Getting Real or Staying Positive: Legal Realism(s), Legal Positivism and the Prospects of Naturalism in Jurisprudence as 29 Ratio Juris 535 (2016). Here is the abstract.
The relationship between Legal Realism and Legal Positivism has been a recurrent source of debate. The question has been further complicated by the related difficulty of assessing the internal relationship between the two main original strands of Legal Realism: American and Scandinavian. This paper suggests considering American and Scandinavian Realism as instantiations of forward‐looking and backward‐looking rule skepticism respectively. This distinction brings into sharp relief not only the fundamentally different relationship between each of these two Realist schools and Legal Positivism but also their equally different potentials as starting points for naturalizing jurisprudence.
The full text is not available for free download from SSRN.

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