April 13, 2011

Setting the Scenes of the Crimes

Alan W. Norrie, University of Warwick School of Law, has published Inaugural Lecture 'The Scene and the Crime' as Warwick School of Law Research Paper No. 2011-05. Here is the abstract.

What is the scene in relation to the crime? That question can be answered in many ways. It may be the legal process, the political, cultural and literary milieu, the social conditions, the historical context. This is an area where a thousand flowers may bloom. I don’t intend to pick them here, but to focus on where I have come from, and where I am headed. What I am going to say this evening will be tentative, and in a way risky, because I focus on something that contextual lawyers have generally avoided, perhaps for good reason. What I am going to dip my toes in is, indeed, something generally not seen as contextual at all, and that is how an understanding of ethical categories of good and evil may be required for the scene and the crime.
Download the paper from SSRN at the link.

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