April 9, 2011

The Hidden History of a Fictional Law School

Edward J. Bander, Suffolk University Law School, has published The Hidden History of Essex Law School (Trafford Publishing, 2010). Here is the abstract.

When law librarian Tom Jones is tapped by Dean Oberal to write the history for the one-hundred year anniversary celebration of Essex Law School he takes his assignment seriously. He soon discovers that the task will involve many challenges and will reveal even more surprises.

Such is the case when Tom interviews Mary McCarthy who served as secretary to the school’s founder, Dean Seth Adams. Mary is a legend at the school and she says that the history Tom is writing won’t reflect half of what she really knows. Mary reveals some interesting information about her relationship with Dean Adams.

What "One L" and "Paper Chase" were to first tier law schools, "Hidden History of Essex Law School" is to fourth tier law schools. This novel explores the intrigue, rivalry, and intellectual failure that make up the chemistry of legal education, particularly at the fictional Boston law schools: Commonwealth, Havad, Huntington and St. Francis. Tom Jones is the catalyst as he roams Boston, New York City, and Mt. Desert Island, ME to bring solace to Mary McCarthy’s conscience and a conclusion to Essex Law School’s future.
Download the table of contents from SSRN at the link.

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