April 15, 2011

Russian Law and Literature From Alexander II To Nicholas II

José Calvo González, Professor of Law, University of Malaga, has published Derecho y Literatura: Anatoliĭ Fedorovich Koni (1844-1927). Sobre Cultura jurídica de la literatura y Cultura literaria del Derecho en la Rusia imperial de Alejandro II a Nicolás II.  Here is the abstract.

The essay deals with the figure of the eminent jurist Russian Anatoliĭ Fedorovich Koni, representative of the current legal liberal-moderate of pre-revolutionary Russia. Recover your interest in the work of the great master of modern Russian literature, Pushkin, who joins the program to modernize the judicial reforms initiated in 1864. Also lists personal relationships with contemporary writers, including those listed Chekhov, Dostoiesvki and Tolstoy. On this basis analized the overlapping law and literature in two directions, from the legal considerations of literary texts as well as potential of legal categories in literary creation. Finally, insert the two constructions in the atmosphere of a literary and legal culture from which prefigures the literary modernist and (ephemeral and failed) legal modernist.
Download the article from the online journal Law and Literature: ISLL (Italian Society for Law and Literature) Papers at the link. (Text is in Spanish).

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