June 13, 2018

Literature and the Judicial Opinion

Via Benjamin Woodring, news that Judge Michael Baylson went literary in his ruling in favor of the City of Philadelphia, finding that the federal government cannot cut off funding because the city insists it will only surrender undocumented immigrants if the feds have proper warrants. Here, courtesy of Dr. Woodring, is a link to Judge Baylson's opinion. It begins with quotations from Hamlet and Coriolanus and from Dr. Woodring's own article Liberty to Misread, published in the Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities, and continues to the Odyssey.

I think a lot of literature profs out there must be very pleased! More about the law and literature references in this opinion here in an Atlantic essay by Walt Hunter of Clemson University, one of the aforementioned lit profs.

Law and the humanities lives!

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