June 10, 2018

Death In Paradise (Season Seven) Now Available on Amazon Prime @deathinparadise

The seventh season of Death in Paradise is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime. This very popular series now features a new D.I., Jack Mooney,  along with the Saint Marie team of Officer Myers, Sergeant Cassel, Officer Hooper, Superintendent Patterson, Mayor Bordey, and of course, Harry the lizard. The plots are a little less mysterious than in previous seasons, but the island is still beautiful and the characters are always as charming. Might I point out, though, that we've had four white men in charge posted to Saint Marie as D.I.s? That's counting the one whose murder started it all, D. I. Charlie Hulme, D.I. Richard Poole, who arrives from the U.K. to solve his murder, D.I. Humphrey Goodman who arrives from the U.K. to solve his murder, and D.I. Jack Mooney who flies over from the U.K. (although he's Irish), to replace D.I. Goodman, who returns to the U.K. to stay with his--Goodman's--girlfriend. Maybe the next D.I., assuming we have one, could be female? A person (woman) of color? Women also know things.

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