May 14, 2018

Instituting Archives: One Day Symposium, Birkbeck School of Law @piyelhaldar

From Piyel Haldar,
To celebrate the 25th anniversary since its foundation and the launch of the Anniversary Archives, Birkbeck School of Law will be hosting ‘Instituting Archives.’
This one day symposium will explore the complexities, perversities and potentialities involved in the relationship between archives and institutions. Included will be a roundtable discussion on Cornelia Vismann’s files.
The event is organised by Peter Goodrich the founder of the present incarnation of Birkbeck Law school and Piyel Haldar.
Speakers: Peter Goodrich, Anselm Haverkamp, Brenna Bhandar, Vanessa Ruegger, Jose Bellido, Emma Sandon, Kanika Sharma, Nayanika Mathur, Bernard Keenan, Mayur Suresh, Shela Sheik & Angela Condello.

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