May 5, 2018

Block That Romance Fiction Sports Reference!

In case you missed it, sports team owners need to move quickly if they want to name their franchises something catchy. Otherwise they might find that they've been pre-empted by someone else--say, a romance novel writer.

Seattle is currently contemplating bringing an NHL expansion team to town, and of course that team will need an exciting name. But which one? A number are under consideration,  but might be difficult to use, because they have other connotations. The "Seattle Kraken" sounds pretty fierce, but haven't we heard about Kraken somewhere before? And the "Seattle Sockeye"? Well, as it turns out, there is a Seattle Sockeye hockey team already, but it exists in the pages of writer Pamela Bowerman's romance novels.  Ms. Bowerman has applied for a trademark to protect her fictional team. Goal?

Maybe we'll be hearing about the "Seattle Seafarers"?

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