October 14, 2016

Graduate Student Workshop at ASLCH, March 30, 2017 @Law_Cult_Huma

From the mailbox:

The 20th annual meeting of the Association for the study of Law, Culture and the Humanities will be held on March 31st and April 1st, 2017 at Stanford University. The Association is pleased to offer a graduate student workshop that will be held on Thursday, March 30st, 2017, the day before the annual meeting begins.
The workshop is designed for graduate students who are undertaking research that cuts across law, cultural studies, literature, philosophy, legal studies, anthropology, political science, among others. The workshop is designed to have some fun while, first, affording graduate students the opportunity to experience the LCH community in a smaller venue with more sustained contact with one another and some faculty and, second, providing graduate students with an opportunity to present their own work in anticipation of such things as job talks and publication.
Applications to the workshop should include a current curriculum vitae, a 5-page maximum abstract of a current project, as well as a short (5-page maximum) “text” relating to that project. This “text” could be a case, literary work, time-line, photo, sound or video file or whatever source-“text” will help the workshop participants reflect on the subject of their work. Use your judgment and best guesses in deciding how audio, visual, or audio-visual materials "translate" into pages of text.
Applicants whose proposals are accepted will receive support towards an extra night’s accommodation by ASLCH as well as support (varying, depending on distance traveled) towards the cost of transportation to the annual meeting site.
Send your applications to both Jill Stauffer (jstauffe@haverford.edu) and Mark Antaki (mark.antaki@mcgill.ca) by November 15th, 2016. For inquiries, please write to Mark.

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