July 29, 2016


Yes, we've been watching the Republican and Democratic Conventions, and they've been interesting--even historic. But what about what's been going in London? At Whitehall, the ginger furred Larry the Cat is still in possession of Number 10 even as Prime Ministers come and go. David Cameron Brexited. Enter Theresa May. Larry Remained.

A four-footed rival appeared, however. Tuxedo cat Palmerston has taken up residence at the Foreign Office, and things are not going well between Larry (not, frankly, a great PM name--why not Winston, or Churchill, or Atlee) and Palmerston (now, there's a great Foreign Office moniker). The two have staked out territory and exchanged undiplomatic paw punches.  Palmerston seems to be getting the better of these skirmishes. Not only did he manage to infiltrate No. 10--he had to be ousted by security--but once outside he stared down an officer. He also dispatched Larry to the vet for emergency care, although it seems he might be missing some fur himself. Tough moggy, that Palmerston. I wonder what would happen were he appointed to oversee Brexit negotiations. Do EU cats all speak the same dialect of Feline?

Larry also used to mix it up with the former FO kitty, Freya, who was eventually sent off to the country to avoid future spats.

Meanwhile, the Treasury has acquired its own fluffy--Gladstone (also a great name). Apparently, the 18-month-old has been around for about a month. The Houses of Parliament have been questioning why they don't have their own mousers. More coverage on the "diplocats" from CNN here.

Will Palmerston continue to tick Larry off? Will Parliament get its own felines? Will members of the Commonwealth demand pawrity? I smell a TV series, complete with furry politicians carrying out intrigue behind doors that are only partially closed (a cat would never allow a door to be left completely closed). Maybe some dog assistants and mouse minions. House of Claws. 

Houdini, waiting for the premiere of House of Claws. "Don't call me until it airs. And order pizza."

Update: The Cabinet Office is probably getting its own feline, and His or Her Furriness will probably be called Cromwell. I would have gone with Melbourne or Churchill, but that's me.

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