May 13, 2016

Yes, Even More New Legal Shows For Fall 2016

ABC has ordered up the new drama Notorious, based on the the career of high profile attorney Mark Geragos, for the fall season. It has also scheduled the new legal drama Conviction, staring Hayley Atwell, about a former First Daughter in charge of investigating cases in which persons have been wrongly convicted.

Note that "Conviction" is a popular title for law-related tv series and films. A 2005 movie with that name starred Lisa Gay Hamilton and Jenni Baird,  Conviction (2010) starred Hilary Swank in the docudrama about a woman who went to law school to exonerate her brother who was jailed for murder, and a 2006 Dick Wolf series with the name lasted one season; it was vaguely related to the Law & Order franchise.

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