January 15, 2014

Human Rights From Conrad to Coppola

P. G. Monateri, Sciences Po, Ecole de Droit; Law School, University of Torino (Italy); University of Turin, Faculty of Law, has published In the Shadow of an Absent Law. Human Rights and the Meaning from Conrad to Coppola, Via Eliot and Brooks in 19 The Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin (2013 Edition), The Fall Issue. Here is the abstract.

A Presentation Held at the Annual Meeting of Italian Association of Law and Literature (AIDEL) analyzing the way Coppola produces meaning through deferral giving the Human Rights content to the faceless horrors of Conrad's Kurtz, via essential quotations from Eliot. In this way the Author also purport a theory of the meaning of the Waste Land through the close reading of its Epigraphe after Pound's interventions.
Download the essay from SSRN at the link.

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