August 11, 2011

A Peruvian Law and Literature Website

Welcome to a new website, Jus Literaria, created by students of law and literature at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima, Peru), Facultadad de Derecho. At least, I think it's new, or at least the addition of the counter on the home page is new; it indicated (according to my translation which could very well be wrong) fewer than 30 total hits when I visited today. I've added a link to the site under "Resources" here at the Law and Humanities Blog.

The website has links to figures in art and law (example: Daumier), founding scholars in the field of law and literature in various countries (Benjamin Cardozo and Richard Weisberg for the US), suggestions for secondary reading,  and links to associations. I'm not entirely sure why it's set up the way it is: why the French phrase "droit et littérature" takes you to a bibliography while the Italian equivalent takes you to an association, but maybe the logic will become clear with further use. At any rate, the site provides a lot of information, particularly for those interested in Latin American law and literature. I hope the students continue to keep it updated.

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