June 24, 2011

Law and Humanities, June 2011 Issue

The June issue of Law and Humanities contains:

Paul Raffield and Gary Watt, Editorial

Christian Biet and Lissa Lincoln, Introduction: Law and Literature

Gilles Lhuilier, Law & Literature (as an epistemological break in legal theory)

Allison Tait and Luke Norris, Narrative and the Origins of Law

Leif Dahlbert, Before the Temple of Justice: Reading Roman Law Reading

Klaus Stierstorfer, Klaus, Law and (which?) Literature: New Directions in Post-Theory?

Sebastian McEvoy, Slot-Thinking, or Categorisation, in Law and Literature

Laurent de Sutter, Piracy as Method: Nine Theses on Law and Literature

Marie Bouhaïk-Gironès, Simon Gabay, Jelle Koopmans, and Katell Lavéant, Legal Theory, Legal Practice and Drama

Joël Blanchard, A Logic of Appropriation: Practical Relationships between Law and Literature in the Middle Ages

Bruno Méniel, Law and Literature in the Humanist Period: Encyclopaedic versus Specialised Thought

Romain Descendre, The Experience of Law and Art Literature in the Sixteenth Century: Benvenuto Cellini's La Vita

Romain Jobez, From Obsessive Metaphors to Juridical Myth: Some Proposals for a Metaphorical Reading of Early Modern Law and Literature

Dominique Goy-Blanquet, Schools of Law, School of Drama

Natacha Israël, A Possible Co-Constitution of Theatre, Literature and Law, through the Example of Seventeenth-Century England

Stéphanie Loncle, Freedom of the Theatre: A Matter of Law?

Martial Poirson, For Extending the Domain of Research between Law, Economics and Literature

Christian Delage, Creating an International Court: A Movie Project

Jeanne Gaakeer, The Future of Literary-Legal Jurisprudence: Mere Theory or Just Practice?

Anna Krakus, Crime Stories: The Polish Secret Police File and the Conflation of the Legal and the Literary

Barbara Villez, Law and Literature: A Conjunction Revisited

Daniela Carpi, Equity: Assessing the Results of a Project

Gary Watt, The To Be Of And: Reflections on the Bridge

Paul Raffield, The Oneiric Imagination and the Dream of Law

Sandra Travers de Faultrier, Appearing, or 'Face-to-Face' Dialogue

Guy Spielmann, Judicial Spectacle Events as Reality and as Fiction

Lissa Lincoln, Justice Imagined: Albert Camus' Politics of Subversion

Richard H. Weisberg, A-N-D

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