June 23, 2011

Ever More Potter

J. K. Rowling has announced her new interactive website, Pottermore. Potter around it (a litter) here.  I'm sure Potter fans are already raven about it, even though it doesn't actually launch until October. The faithful, though, can sign up via email, to get sneak peeks on July 31st. 

More from the Daily Telegraph and the Hollywood Reporter.

Meanwhile, I direct your attention to these tomes:

The Law and Harry Potter (Jeffrey Snyder and Franklin Snyder, Carolina Academic Press, 2010).
The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy: Hogwarts For Muggles (William Irwin and Greg Bassham, eds.; Wiley, 2010).
Want, Robert S., Harry Potter and the Order of the Court: The J. K. Rowling Copyright Case and the Question of Fair Use (NationsCourts.com, 2008).

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