March 14, 2011

ALSCH Conference

I'm just back from the ALSCH (Association for the Study of Law, Society and Culture) Conference, this year hosted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Law School, and I had a wonderful time, as did, I think, the other attendees. Dean John White and his faculty, staff, and students were charming and attentive to us all. The law librarians and staff in particular put up a great display featuring books written or edited by people presenting at the conference and the UNLV IT folks were in attendance to trouble shoot.

The panels were excellent. There were so many that I had trouble choosing among them, but those that I attended were one on the rhetoric of net neutrality that was really innovative, and another on gender and violence in popular music that got me thinking about the relationships between rhetoric and economics.

The officers--outgoing president Linda Meyer, secretary Serena Mayeri, treasurer Susan Ayres, webmaster Tucker Culbertson, and listserv moderator Susan Heinzelman--once again put on a great event. Next year Texas Wesleyan Law School will host, from March 15 to March 17, and then--save your pennies--it's off to Birkbeck College for the 2013 get-together.

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