August 20, 2019

Home Run! The FIU Law Review's Microsymposium on Law and the Infield Fly Rule @FIULAWREVIEW @SWeberWaller @KarboraniAdrian @robneyer @oldfatherc @fiulaw

Look at this unusual and fresh approach to a law review symposium issue. I know less than nothing about baseball, as you can tell from the title of this post, but I enjoyed looking through FIU Law Review's Micro-Symposium: Infield Fly Rule Is In Effect: The History and Strategy of Baseball's Most (In)Famous Rule.  Here's a list of the articles included.

Adrian Karborani, Introduction to the Micro-Symposium: Infield Fly Rule in Effect

Richard D. Friedman, Just Say No To the Cheap Double Play

Mark A. Graber, Functionalism and the Infield Fly Rule

Andrew J. Guilford, Another Side to the Infield Fly Rule

Richard Hershberger, The Prehistory of the Infield Fly Rule

Rob Nelson, The Enfield Fly Rule

Rob Neyer, Teach the Controversy

Peter B. Oh, De-Limiting Rules

Chad M. Oldfather, Umpires, Judges, and the Aesthetics of the Infield Fly

Spencer Weber Waller, The Puzzle of the Infield Fly Rule

Howard M. Wasserman, Keeping the Infield Fly Rule in Effect 

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