August 29, 2018

A Special Issue of the London Review of International Law Devoted to International Criminal Justice on/and Film @immi_tallgren

Volume 6, issue 1, March 2018 of the London Review of International Law is devoted to issues of international law and justice on film. 

The issue includes Ainley, Humphreys, and Tallgren, International Criminal Justice on/and film; Rush and Elander, Working Through the Cinematography of International Criminal Justice: Procedure of Law and Images of Atrocity; Weckel, Watching the Accused Watch the Nazi Crimes: Observers' Reports on the Atrocity Film Screenings in the Belsen, Nuremberg, and Eichmann Trials; McNamee and Andrews, "Judgment at Nuremberg:" Hollywood Takes the International Criminal Law Stand; and Rigney, "You Start To Feel Really Alone": Defence Lawyers and Narratives of International Criminal Law in Film.

Via @immi_tallgren.

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