July 26, 2018

Publication Opportunity: Law and Humanities

Do you have an essay or short article on law and humanities that you would like to publish? Teaching materials in the area that you would like to share? What about poetry, short stories, photographs, or other material related to the subjects of law and the humanities? Here's your opportunity. The newly launched open access, peer-reviewed website Hedgehogs and Foxes is seeking your contributions. Please contact a member of the Board of Editors:

Christine Corcos, Associate Professor of Law, LSU Law Center. Contact her at ccorcos@lsu.edu.

Shubha Ghosh, Professor of Law, Syracuse University School of Law. Contact him at sghosh01@law.syr.edu.

David Ray Papke, Professor of Law, Marquette University School of Law. Contact him at david.papke@marquette.edu.

Cassandra Sharp, Associate Professor of Law, University of Wollongong. Contact her at csharp@uow.edu.au.

Julia Shaw, Professor of Law and Social Justice, Faculty of Business and Law, De Montfort University. Contact her at jshaw@dmu.ac.uk.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Editors, please send an expression of interest to a member of the Board.

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