April 21, 2018

Chaos Takes Control. What Does That Phrase Remind Me Of?

Westworld's new tagline is "Chaos takes control." Am I the only person who thinks the choice of this particular phrase is vaguely funny? It reminds me of the two spy organizations in the 1960s tv show Get Smart, CONTROL, the patriotic "good guy" group which employed Maxwell Smart, Secret Agent 86 (played by the inimitable Don Adams), and KAOS, the evil "bad guy" organization that battled CONTROL for supremacy. The show was a Mel Brooks-Buck Henry parody of the James Bond films and featured wild plots, weird gadgets, and general craziness. It also featured Hymie the Robot (played by the wonderful Dick Gautier), who began as a KAOS operative, but switched sides and worked for CONTROL. Hymie had at least some emotions (way before Star Trek: TNG's Lieutenant Commander Data).

KAOS never "took" over CONTROL in Get Smart, and the Get Smart robot joins forces with CONTROL rather than the group that created it. The hosts on Westworld are altogether less pliant and less agreeable than Hymie. Would you believe that Westworld seems headed in another direction? And...loving it. (I asked you not to tell me that). 

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