July 27, 2017

Justin Trudeau and "The West Wing"

From The Hill: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he watched the hit TV show "The West Wing" to prep for debates against the incumbent Stephen Harper in 2015. As it turns out, he's a fan of the long-running series (which aired on NBC 1999-2006). The show is now available on Netflix.

Prime Minister Trudeau revealed this very interesting info recently to the podcast "The West Wing Weekly"--listen here to episode 3.15, Dead Irish Writers (with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau).  He does point out that real life being a head of government isn't as easy as it looks on TV. Maybe "I'm not a real Prime Minister but I played one on television" has something to recommend it.  More here from Maclean's. 

Pop culture has dominated the political news cycle over the past year or so. Stay tuned.

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