May 9, 2017

Stream Call For Papers, Dissents and Dispositions, Law, Literature, and Humanities Association of Australasia, Melbourne, December 12-14, 2017

From the mailbox:

Stream Call for Papers: Public Art, Public Law?At: "Dissents and Dispositions"
Law, Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia, Melbourne, 12-14 December 2017
Part of the urban streetscape, public art in its various guises can often be simply
walked past and overlooked; as Robert Musil declares, ‘there is nothing in this
world as invisible as a monument’. This stream intends to draw scholarly
attention back on to the aesthetic and legal dimensions of public art – the
installations and placed material objects – which are designed to carry the
stories of a city.
We invite contributions in the spirit of cross-disciplinary humanities and legal
research to open up a dialogue exploring how the ‘public’ nature of art expresses,
represses, subverts or simply ignores the ‘public’ nature of law. We are
interested in whether public art in its various guises can be a method of dissent
(or assent) enabling legal relations in a city to take a material form. Also relevant
is the way public art can shape the disposition of the viewer, as well as its site in
urban space – its character, its ethos – and whether that can shift over time.
We welcome scholars to explore these questions and many others from diverse
disciplines such as public art, jurisprudence, art history, visual cultures, history,
Indigenous studies, geography, memory studies, cultural studies, architecture,
criminology and any other interested areas.
Please submit panels or individual proposals or expressions of other ideas by 30
June 2017 (noting your interest in the "Public Art Public Law?" Stream) to the
general conference submission email address:
Proposals should consist of a short abstract (max. 250 words) and a short author
Any queries, please contact the stream organisers:
Olivia Barr: Petersen: 
More about the conference in its entirety here. 

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