March 21, 2017

Colin Dexter (1930-2017) Passes Away

Colin Dexter, creator of the Inspector Morse novels, has died, aged 86. Here is more from The Guardian.

Mr. Dexter wrote thirteen Morse novels, the first appearing in 1975 (Last Bus To Woodstock) and the last, in which Inspector Morse dies, appearing in 1999 (The Remorseful Day). Inspector Morse and his friends and colleagues came to the screen beginning in 1988 (ITV) with the late John Thaw as Endeavour Morse (we don't learn his first name until extremely late in the series). Two spin-off series followed: Lewis, starring Kevin Whately, who had played Sergeant Lewis in the original series (2006-2015), and Endeavour, starring Shaun Evans as a young Sergeant Morse (2012--).

Order of Inspector Morse books.

A short bibliography on Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse

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