September 12, 2016

AALS Annual Meeting: The 2017 AALS Law and Film Series Selections Are...

Information via @rockandrollprof: 

As in prior years, AALS is sponsoring the showing of two wonderful films at the Annual Meeting. Below is a short description of each movie. If you plan to attend the Annual Meeting, please consider also attending these events. You'll have a great time! (--Ed.)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at 7:00 pm 
AALS Law and Film Series - The Feature Film Selection: Anatomy of a Murder 
“Anatomy of a Murder” is a 1959 directed by Otto Preminger, and is widely considered a classic film. (It was nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Picture, and three of the actors were also Oscar-nominated.) It features James Stewart, Ben Gazzara, Lee Remick, and George C. Scott in a small town murder mystery, and is framed by an exquisite Duke Ellington musical score, which won a Grammy for best soundtrack. The film turns on a fascinating series of trial tactics, evidence, mental states, and professional ethics. The discussion will be led by Professor Christine Corcos (LSU). 
Thursday, January 5, 2017 at 6:30 pm 
AALS Law and Film Series – The Documentary Film Selection - La Jaula de Oro/The Golden Dream  

La jaula de oro ("The Cage of Gold"/ “The Golden Dream” (2013) is a Mexican feature film directed by Diego Quemada-Díez. The film features an ensemble cast of Central American younger undocumented immigrants fleeing Guatemala, and who make their way to the United States in a harrowing fashion by foot and by “la bestia,” the train that snakes its way to the border, with immigrants clinging to it at great peril. This is a timely film, made with great skill and narrative power. It has begun to be shown on college campuses, and it will be discussed by immigration law professor Michael A. Olivas (Houston) and Jaula producer Luis Salinas, an award-winning filmmaker.

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