March 24, 2016

Pop Culture Women Lawyers Everywhere!

New law-related shows on offer:

From the WE: Sisters-In-Law. This reality series premieres tonight (March 24) on the WE at 10 p.m., 9 Central time. It features African-American female attorneys based in Houston. Here's coverage from The Electronic Urban Report (EUR).

WE is also offering up Ladies of Law, a reality series about African American female attorneys who practice entertainment law in NY. More here from Deadline: Hollywood. 

Meanwhile, Viola Davis ("How To Get Away With Murder") is involved in a new project, a series based on the career of the dynamic Kym Worthy, chief prosecutor in Michigan's Wayne County. The series, "Conviction," would air on TNT. More here from Deadline: Hollywood. 

Meanwhile, Hayley Atwell ("Captain America") is joining the cast of ABC's tv series centering a female attorney, which is also called "Conviction."

Lots of potential new members of the Popular Culture Lawyers Bar Association!

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