February 10, 2016

Gearey on Maitland's Jurisprudence of the Trust

Adam Gearey, University of London Birkbeck College School of Law, has published ‘We Want to Live’: Metaphor and Ethical Life in F.W. Maitland's Jurisprudence of the Trust at 43 Journal of Law and Society 105 (2016). Here is the abstract.
This article argues that reading F.W. Maitland's jurisprudence of the trust alongside Hegel's philosophy of social recognition offers insights into the way in which metaphors ‘structure’ the modes of ethical life that inform legal and social institutions. Conventional ways of reading Maitland (and John Neville Figgis) have obscured the affinities their work shares with Hegel, and limited the impact of a way of thinking about law and society.
The full text is not available from SSRN.

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