October 2, 2015

An October Workshop on Law and Humanities at the University of Warwick

From Illan rua Wall at the Critical Legal Thinking Blog, news about the upcoming Scenes of Unrest: Law and Humanities Dissent Workshop, scheduled for October 14 at the University of Warwick. Among the scheduled presenters are Nadine El-​Enany (Birkbeck) Julen Etxabe (Helsinki) Adam Gearey (Birkbeck) Silvija Jestrovic (Warwick) Daniel Matthews (Hong Kong) Rashmi Varma (Warwick) Scott Veitch (Hong Kong) Marco Wan (Hong Kong) Gary Watt (Warwick) Andrew Williams (Warwick)

Among the questions the workshop will address: How might Law and Humanities enable us to make sense of a setting of popular dissensus, of widespread economic, political and environmental chaos and inequity? What does it mean to choose the disciplinary apparatus of Law and Humanities in the quintessential political setting – the moment of popular dissensus and disagreement? What are the possibilities of an aesthetic engagement with law, protest and dissent?

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