April 29, 2015

Data Collection, Data Breaches, and Star Wars

Dan Solove (George Washington Law, Teach Privacy) points out that the Empire might have defeated the Rebel Alliance had it mastered data collection. Think about the data breaches in Star Wars alone. Dr. Solove also notes something that has always bothered me: Ben Kenobi is not exactly a great alias when your actual name is Obi Wan Kenobi ("this is not the Jedi Warrior named Kenobi you're looking for. Move along, move along.")

Now, Luke's sister Leia was, I believe, living under an alias: she had been adopted after her mother died in childbirth. So it's possible that the Empire (and Darth Vader) did not know who she was at the beginning of Star Wars, especially if she had a new birth certifcate and the government of Alderaan sealed her adoption records. However, Vader certainly knew who Luke was, since he lived with his uncle (Vader's brother). At any rate, an entertaining look at information privacy, data collection, and Big Data in a Very Big Film Franchise.

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