March 5, 2015

Telling Stories

Irene Watson, University of South Australia School of Law, has published First Nations Stories, Grandmother's Law: Too Many Stories Too (sic) Tell. Here is the abstract.

Where to begin? From the beginning, the sisters were running and running away from the man Ngurrunderi: they ran past our country at the edgy of the Coorong, the end of Tangane country, towards a placed called Thangul, the land of the Tanganekald. They are First Nations Peoples and to whom I belong. The sisters ran away from Ngurrunderi who was chasing his 'claimed women', his two wives.

Then Ngurrunderi came along to that same place and he was stopped by our ancestor Paramapari; Ngurrunderi and Paramapari fought right on the beach, where the Coorong lands end. Now this is a place where the old rocks come up out of the sea, the place where the grandmothers sit. Ngurrunderi fought Paramapari because he would not tell Ngurrunderi if he had seen the sisters and what direction they were heading in.
Download the paper from SSRN at the link.

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