February 26, 2015

Real Life and Breaking Bad

From CBS News, this story in today's news about an investigation carried out at Del's Maraschino Cherries in New York City, where authorities thought the company might be dumping hazardous wastes into the sewers. Instead, they discovered marijuana. The company's owner excused himself, and then tragically committed suicide. CBS News compares this situation to the storyline in the cult tv series Breaking Bad It's not the first time that the media has made this comparison. In August, 2011, law enforcement moved to arrest a professor of kinesiology at Cal State, San Bernadino, for dealing meth, among other things.  Said one neighbor, " He seemed like a nice guy....His lawn is impeccable."  Professor Kinzey has pled not guilty to the charges.  Here's more about the case against Professor Stephen Kinzey; news about his preliminary hearing, long delayed, here. Updated information from the San Bernadino County DA's office here.

Scriptwriters often rely on headlines and events for stories. Like novelists, they find drama and truth in real life and use fiction to comment on it. It's surprising, and saddening, though, to see how closely art and life can resemble each other, and to wonder what the dividing line is, or whether there is a line at all.

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