September 9, 2014

Some New Publications of Interest

William S. Hein & Co. has published Mark Twain vs. Lawyers, Lawmakers and Lawbreakers: Humorous Observations, edited by attorney and author Ken Bresler. The book includes numerous quotations, fully verified, from Twain's writings. Because Twain is one of my favorite writers, I'm looking forward to checking out this new publication. (Full disclosure: Hein is also one of my publishers).

Mr. Bresler is also the author of an article, A Lawyer Looks at Catch-22: The Best Catch There Is Is Not Much of a Catch. While the phrase "Catch-22" has entered the vocabulary, there's not much in the legal literature about the intersection between Heller's novel and the law, so Mr. Bresler's piece is a welcome addition to the scholarship. Here's a link to the work.

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