February 18, 2014

Call For papers: NoFo

From Monica Lopez Lerma, Coeditor-in-Chief, No Foundations, comes a call for papers for its 11th issue.

No Foundations is currently accepting general submissions for NoFo 11 (June 2014). Please submit abstracts of no more than 200 words.
Closing date: 15 March 2013.
 No Foundations is an international peer-reviewed journal committed to publishing interdisciplinary legal scholarship of the highest quality at the interface between law and justice. We encourage contributions from all areas of law and beyond, with the aim of bridging the gap once opened between law and other social and human activities and experiences. On the assumption that law is a socially embedded phenomenon that cannot be fully understood as an autonomous discipline, we aim to connect law both with its real effects on the lives of individuals and societies, and with the realm of human aspirations and ideals that give it life and meaning.
 For more information check: http://www.helsinki.fi/nofo/

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