January 9, 2013

New Star Trek Film Folks Will Unveil App To Encourage Faithful Fans

Love Star Trek (particularly the reboot of the franchise)? Love your smart phone? Now you can indulge your affection for both with a Star Trek Into the Darkness app, which will be available, according to the Hollywood Reporter, at the end of this month. Says THR's Aaron Couch,

A smartphone app for fans anticipating J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Trek sequel will launch at the end of this month and will allow users to go on Starfleet-esque missions by inputting audio-visual elements into their phones....For example, a fan could watch the Into Darkness trailer on TV, and the app's audio tool would hear it and might reward its user with points toward unlocking a new Star Trek image or wallpaper. The app's geolocation tool might reward fans for going to a movie theater, while those who snap a photo of an Into Darkness poster could earn points toward unlocking a video.
The ultimate prize? A trip to see the premiere of the film. Sounds just a little interactively high tech-ily obsessive to me, but then only about ten people even have my cell phone number. 

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