October 22, 2012

On Any Wednesday

Bloomberg Law has launched a new video series, Stealth Lawyers, which features attorneys who have found new and different ways to use their law degrees away from the courtroom and the conference table. Ed Adams is in charge of the series, which features such entrepreneurs as lawyer turned baker Warren Brown of CakeLove and attorney/crossword puzzle creator Will Shortz, and historical figures such as Vladimir Lenin and Francis Scott Key. New videos make their appearance on Wednesdays.

Pop culture lawyers who wander off in other directions (but still make use of their law degrees) include Fairly Legal's Kate Reed (she's no longer an attorney, but a mediator still attached to her late father's law practice), and Linda O. Johnston's Kendra Ballantyne (formerly an associate at a white shoe L.A. firm, now a pet sitter, even though she's been rehabilitated and could go back to practice). These mysteries are published by Berkley Press.

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