September 11, 2012

Science Fiction as a Spur to Law

Kieran Mark Tranter, Griffith University Law School, has published The Speculative Jurisdiction: The Science Fictionality of Law and Technology, at 20 Griffith Law Review 818 (2011). Here is the abstract.

This article argues that scholarship on law and technology is a thoroughly speculative activity. The textual signifiers of this speculative orientation are the multiple incursion of science fiction that locate and justify lawyers writing about technology. Through a detailed examination of three law and technology literatures – on early space technology, IVF, and virtual-worlds – it will be shown that science fiction is the storehouse of images and imaginings that substantiate the legal projection of technological futures. When law confronts technology science fiction is its speculative jurisdiction. The suggestion is that through a more through-going engagement with science fiction as the speculative jurisdiction, law could more adequately engage with the complexities and contingencies of technological change.
Download the article from SSRN at the link.

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