May 11, 2012

Rhyme Time

An Atlanta attorney may be in trouble after a rhyming email he sent to the special referee in charge of his client's divorce got opposing counsel's dander up. A, Todd Merolla sent a "'60 line poem in a Dec. 23 e-mail that began, "Twas the week before Christmas, in the Matrimonial Part,/ All the creatures were stirring, putting their horse in front of the cart./The fee applications were pending, bills demanding to be paid,/In hopes that Drew's resolve, soon would fade.'" The referee, Frank Schellace, has indicated that the poem didn't annoy him, but he has forwarded it to the grievance committee in charge of lawyer discipline to decide if Mr. Merolla's, um, unorthodox document, crossed a line. More coverage here at the ABA Journal.

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