April 27, 2012

Leo Tolstoy, Ernest H. Crosby, and Shakespeare

José Calvo González, University of Malaga, has published Lev N. Tolstói & E. H. Crosby:Sobre la geografía de la recepcíon literaria y jurídico-social Tolstiana, con apunte acerca del reformista social norteamericano Ernest Howard Crosby (1856-1907). at 2 Revista Europea de Historia de las Ideas Políticas y de las Instituciones Públicas 87 (February 2012). Here is the abstract.
Geography of the receipt of the work and thought of Tolstoy, presenting his map in Europe, Asia and USA. Interspersed references to the reception among jurists. Particular care in the U.S. figure of Ernest Howard Crosby and his contribution to the spread of tolstoism, and about his criticism and social reform. Recovery and analysis, in line Law and Literature, of one of the texts of Crosby (Shakespeare's attitude toward the working classes, 1903).
The full text is available at the link.

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