February 14, 2012

Law and Literature and LGBT Theory

Anne Goldstein, Western New England University School of Law, has published Law and Literature: Representing Lesbians at 1 Texas Journal of Women and the Law 301 (1992). Here is the abstract.
What is involved in representing a lesbian in law or in literature? The premise of this Article is that the work of novelists is enough like the work of lawyers that useful insights can be drawn in at least one direction. That is, lawyers can learn how to represent lesbian clients better by studying books with lesbian characters.

Also available at Representing Women: Law, Literature and Feminism 356 (Susan Sage Heinzelman and Zipporah Batshaw Wiseman eds.; Duke University Press, 1994).
Download the article from SSRN at the link. The abstract/article has recently appeared in SSRN.

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