December 20, 2011

The Top Law-Related TV Series For 2011

A number of law-related television series have made various "top ten" critics' lists for the year, including Justified, Boardwalk Empire, Southland, The Good Wife, Homeland, and Treme. Here are some lists, compiled by Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Vary (listing the AFI's picks) and Willa Paskin  of New York Magazine. Here's  a link to Metacritic's comprehensive collection of critics' lists.

Here are my choices, some for their originality, some for presenting us with really good acting and writing in nearly every episode, and some because they're just a lot of fun. In alphabetical order they are: Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Drop Dead Diva, The Good Wife, Justified, The Mentalist, Person of Interest, Sherlock, Treme, and True Blood.

Which shows are your choices for the best law-related tv series of this year?


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