September 1, 2011

Another Jack the Ripper Candidate

Retired detective Trevor Marriott suggests a new candidate as the real "Jack the Ripper": a German seaman named Carl Feigenbaum, executed in 1896 in New York for murdering his landlady. Alan Boyle writes in an article for that Mr. Marriott has lined up some old sailing records and has come to the conclusion that Feigenbaum could have been in London at the time of the Ripper killings. That, and the fact that he had the demonstrated capacity to carry out a brutal murder of a woman, makes him a likely suspect in Mr. Marriott's eyes.

Other Ripper experts are not convinced. Dr. Xanthe Mallett, a forensic anthropologist and "star" of television's History Cold Case team, considers Mr. Marriott's theory, as well as other evidence, in this article for the BBC online site. She thinks one person, perhaps Feigenbaum, could have committed one, some, or all of the killings. Jack the Ripper still holds his secrets.

Read more here from the online Metropolitan Police files and here, at Casebook: Jack the Ripper.

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