January 27, 2011

Conference on Law, Science, and Technology

From Dr. Maksymilian Del Mar, Institut des sciences sociales, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland, news of an interesting conference to be held in August.

The Congress of the International Association for Legal and Social Philosophy (IVR), to be held August 15-20, 2011, in Frankfurt,  has the theme "Law, Science, and Technology." Dr. Del Mar and Dr. Randy Gordon are organizing one workshop on exemplary narratives and are particularly interested in interdiscplinary papers in the areas of law and literature and law and legal and literary theory. There will also be papers presented that discuss the role of exemplary narratives historically and in theological practices, particularly in Jewish legal theory.

Anyone interested can get in touch with Dr. Del Mar at Maksymilian.DelMar@unil.ch) and/or Dr.Gordon at rgordon@gardere.com.

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