September 13, 2010

Call For Papers

Laurent de Sutter, FWO Senior Researcher, Law, Sciences, Technology & Society,
Faculty of Law, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, has issued a call for papers for a collection that he is editing for Routledge (with the help of law publisher Colin Perrin) concerning “Althusser & Law”. A few years ago, in an essay published in a volume in French called “Politique et philosophie dans l’oeuvre de Louis Althusser”, Etienne Balibar called for a systematic study of the existing relationships between law and Althusser’s life and work. This project is an attempt to answer this call, and to begin a first exploration of this yet totally unexplored topic. He is currently looking for an enlarged set of contributors - although a few major international althusserians have already agreed to contribute : Luke Ferretter, Warren Montag and William S. Lewis to begin with.

If you are interested, he would be delighted to provide you with further details about it.

Contact him at the address below.

Laurent de Sutter
FWO Senior Researcher
Law, Sciences, Technology & Society
Faculty of Law
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels

ldesutter at

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